Siyasa provides expert insights and analyses on critical issues in the Middle East and the Muslim world. The forum brings the relevance of academic work in understanding current issues in the Muslim world. Siyasa features independent academics and intellectuals who have produced analytical perspectives to the study of the Muslim politics both in the Middle East and beyond.

Siyasa publishes essays for its three sections: Opinion, Backgrounder, and Bookshelf. Ideal essays typically run from 750 to 1,250 words, but submissions of any length will be considered.

Opinion: An opinion piece makes a single point clearly and persuasively. We prefer pieces that are about the issues dominating the news.

Backgrounder: A backgrounder piece aims to give a general overview of an issue that is publicly debated. Sometimes, these pieces provide a historical evolution of a current issue. At other times, they summarize the positions of different actors involved in an issue.

Bookshelf: A bookshelf piece shows the relevance of a published book in accounting for a current event. Usually written by book authors, these pieces show how an academic scholarship can shed light on understanding a current issue better.

To submit essays, email Ramazan Kılınç at siyasa.us@gmail.com.

The Editor:

Ramazan Kılınç is Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Director of Islamic Studies Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. For more information, visit https://ramazankilinc.com/.